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TIMCO looks forward to growing, investing at CVG

One of the largest independent aircraft maintenance providers in the world is coming to Northern Kentucky. 
TIMCO Aviation Services has facilities in three states and line maintenance operations at more than 20 airports across the country. The company also has an Aerosystems division that provides design, engineering, and integration services and manufactures seats, galleys, and lavatories. But they've never focused on regional aircraft services -- until now. 
"We've been looking at adding capacity in the regional jet aircraft market," says Leonard Kazmerski, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at TIMCO. "But to be frank, it would be an economic hurdle to build the business from the ground up at our existing facilities."
Opportunity knocked when PEMCO Air Services announced in August that it would shut down its operations at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Earlier this month, TIMCO announced that it would purchase PEMCO's assets, lease its hangar, and use the facility to grow a regional aircraft services division.
The existing skilled workforce formerly employed by PEMCO was a major draw for TIMCO, Kazmerski says.
"This team of employees is fully skilled, experienced, and very capable on this particular fleet of aircraft, and that was very attractive for us," he says. "It's a fantastic way to launch this part of the business."
TIMCO will receive tax incentives relative to their growth and investment -- the more jobs they create and capital they invest, the better their deal becomes. It's an incentive to thrive and a reason to stay. 
"Our work with the folks in Kentucky is really a cooperative partnership," Kazmerski says. "It's really a great arrangement for all of the stakeholders."
The TIMCO represents an enhancement to the services on offer at CVG, and everyone involved expects TIMCO to contribute to the economy in jobs, investment, and the continued development of an advanced aviation sector. 
"We are so excited to be here," Kazmerski adds."We're excited about the community and we look forward to growing here."
Read the complete announcement here.
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