Love All: Badminton Brawl V [photo feature]

Badminton wasn't always thought of as a backyard sport. Half a century ago, badminton enthralled Americans. The badminton super fans at Hub+Weber Architects, PLC  have brought back this fast-paced, complex sport as a social event and competition for colleagues, friends and residents to build community, match by match and shuttle by shuttle.

Billed as the only architecture firm-hosted badminton tournament in Covington, the Badminton Brawl V: Bye Bye, Birdie event took place on Friday, June 28, 2019, right outside their office located in the old train station on Pike Street. 

In its fifth year, there was a surprise upset by a new player, Rajesh Talwar, who read about it somewhere online, showed up to compete, and went on to win the day. 

ICYMI, here are some of the afternoon's highlights of the fifth Badminton Brawl:

Covington's historic brick streets add challenge to the Brawl's badminton court.Teams are ready for their Badminton Brawl match.
New player Rajesh Talwar heard about it online, showed up and won the tournament.
Bye bye Birdie Badminton brawl brackets

Rajesh receives the official trophy from Hub and Weber Principal, Jim Guthrie, which he may proudly display until next year’s challenge.
Hub+Weber is already planning Tournament VI for next June 2020. 

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