Video rebekah kik

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Rebekah Kik, Dir. Community Planning and Development in Kalamazoo, MI

The final & Co. installment - a limited series focused on COVID-19 and the impact on cities - features Rebekah Kik, the Director of Community Planning and Economic Development from Kalamazoo, MI, who is leading the charge by revising city strategies during the crisis.

Feature Story The CEO of FEAM Aero sees an ongoing need for skilled aircraft technicians at CVG.

When will the region's economy recover? CEOs shared their forecasts

Northern Kentucky Tri-ED spoke to 20 business leaders in the fields of manufacturing, food, life sciences, health care, aviation, technology, real estate, and financial services who agreed to share some of their experiences and expectations in this most unusual of years.

Feature Story CWUrbanFarmList.jpg

Camp Washington residents create a brighter future

In this gritty, quirky neighborhood, citizens are working together from the ground up — literally — to invest in community development.

Partner Content MoodyNolanList.jpg

Home away from home: The changing workplace

Offices naturally transform with the trends. But how will that look in a post-COVID world?

Video laurenhood

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Lauren Hood about equitable development and inclusive growth

& Co. episode seven features Lauren Hood from Deep Dive Detroit who leads dialogues and initiatives around equitable development and inclusive growth.

Feature Story Residents want more paved trails, like this one in Devou Park.

Dogs, canoes, trails, and trees: The public has spoken

Covington’s parks are open, but playgrounds, pools, and shelters are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. But the long-term planning goes on.

Feature Story regal theater

There's a stadium going up in the West End, but an old theater could be just as vital

A critical step is establishing a lively business district in the West End begins with the Regal Theater, one of many theaters that breathed life into Cincinnati.

Video andCo Sean Suder

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Sean Suder and COVID-19's impact on zoning and regulation

Yard & Company's video series episode six features Sean Suder from Calfee Zoning discussing the pandemic's impact on city zoning and regulations.

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Coping with COVID-19

How the Northern Kentucky region is pivoting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together to raise funds, helping those who need it the most, innovating solutions, and creating ways to keep us sane using our steady, good-humored resolve. #IMGCOVID19

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Home away from home: The changing workplace

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