Feature Story ulimi

Hey Alexa, say hello to Ulimi. One startup's story

Siri and Alexa have yet to meet Ulimi, a Covington-based startup that is developing artificial intelligence products to make worklife easier for manufacturers and other employers.

Northern Kentucky Buzz stepcg

Despite the pandemic, new companies, new jobs, and new investment were created in 2020

Twenty-seven companies either expanded or relocated to Northern Kentucky in 2020, exceeding the goal of Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, the primary economic development organization for Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties.

Northern Kentucky Buzz pavilion

Ovation Pavilion is nearly ready for live music, but concerts must wait for a safer time

PromoWest has concert dates on hold for as early as May, but its CEO says the pandemic will likely push them into the summer or early fall.

Northern Kentucky Buzz ParentalHopeList.jpg

Parental Hope: Helping parents with fertility issues one grant at a time

David and Jennifer Bross took their own childbearing challenges and created a nonprofit.

Northern Kentucky Buzz LindseyList.jpg

What do you do when you’ve been eating and drinking like it’s the holidays since March?

New Year’s resolutions look a bit different this year. We have to undo habits that started — and continued — with the shutdown. We spoke with two fitness instructors to break goals down, step-by-step.

Northern Kentucky Buzz NewRiffMaltList.jpg

New Riff bourbon included in “Esquire’s” list of “Best Booze to Drink Right Now”

The Maltster Malted Rye and Malted Wheat Bourbon — two new, experimental releases — are considered “especially striking” by the writer.


Northern Kentucky Buzz ManuelFoggieList.jpg

Local man spends stimulus check to help the homeless

Manuel Foggie says he wanted to pay his blessings forward with the $600.

Feature Story airport

Ten stories we'll be following in 2021

In the year ahead, we'll keep covering the people who inspire innovation, create community engagement, and encourage growth in Northern Kentucky.

Feature Story ScoreTreatList.png

Bringing experience to the table: SCORE Women’s CEO Roundtable expands membership

The pandemic hasn’t slowed these executives down — they’re working hard to continue supporting female entrepreneurs.

Northern Kentucky Buzz cathedral

A new neighborhood name honors a landmark

To acknowledge “an art and architectural gem that will be treasured for centuries,” the city of Covington has adopted a new name for two blocks anchored by the Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington.

Northern Kentucky Buzz newport mural

Newport, how do you feel about public art?

Public art can create community identity, attract visitors, and beautify neighborhoods.

Northern Kentucky Buzz DiversityTrainingList.jpg

Understanding, valuing, and accepting others’ differences are the goals of this program

Previous graduates say that “Building Cultural Competence: A Program for Leaders” has helped them learn to value people’s experiences while becoming more comfortable telling their own.

Northern Kentucky Buzz 2021FoodsList.jpg

Kroger and Whole Foods team up to predict this year’s food trends

As 2020 came to a close, these two grocery giants forecasted what shoppers will want in 2021.

Feature Story covington100list265x177

With hunger on the rise, Northern Kentucky steps up to provide food and peace of mind

Because of the pandemic, more than 50 million people nationwide may experience food insecurity in 2020, including a potential 17 million children.

Feature Story NewPortArtGalleryList.jpg

Artists become innovators during the pandemic

With so many cancelled events and shows, local makers have changed the way they sell their wares.

Northern Kentucky Buzz DAV

With a 100-year history here, DAV designs a new headquarters in Northern Kentucky

DAV expects to move about 175 employees into a new headquarters under construction in Erlanger by the summer of 2021.

Northern Kentucky Buzz protective life

Financial services firm plans to move 100 employees to the Covington riverfront and expand

The new office space will be home to about 100 employees initially, and the company says it has plans to double that over time.

Northern Kentucky Buzz CarabellosList.jpg

A last-minute guide to find one-of-a-kind local gifts

These shops are a little off of the beaten path, and you might discover finds that would be hard to get elsewhere.

Feature Story Close the Loop of Hebron has hired Adam Criss and dozens of others through a second-chance hiring program.

This jobs program offers another chance to those who have run out of them

Over the last year, one Northern Kentucky company has hired dozens of people through a transformational hiring project that offers hope for those in recovery. 

Feature Story FlatPackList.jpg

The Crawford family — 2,000 miles together

Changes in this Bellevue family’s parenting plan led to a six-month, completed hike on the Appalachian Trail.

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