Coming Soon: Marianne Theatre Reboot


A beloved and historical theatre in Bellevue, KY has been closed for over 20 years, but one business plans to open its doors as a modernized event venue while preserving the spirit of this iconic landmark.

Hive Properties, who helped renovate Fireside Pizza and the Jackson Theater, was selected by the City of Bellevue to renovate the Marianne Theatre in 2015.

Their plan was initially to reopen it as a movie theater, but developed into an event venue. It will have a state of the art projection screen, kitchen, bar, and a venue for musicians to play.

 “You know I always wanted to retain the theater vibe. It would be a shame to go in there, rip everything out and it not being utilized as an entertainment venue,” says real-estate developer for

Hive Properties, Kent Hardman.


Hardman has partnered with his longtime friend and restaurant industry native, Dave Rinderle, owner of Mac’s Pizza Pub, to help bring the best food and beverage to the Theatre.


Locals will be able to enjoy a beverage while watching a movie classic, a sport game, or even a musician play on the weekends.


“I mean imagine watching a Reds or Bengals game on basically a movie screen,” says Hardman. “We could do kind of events rotating around that or like the Kentucky Derby, you know have the Kentucky Derby up there and kind of do a Derby day party.”


There will also be themes to certain events like the movie, “The Big Lebowski’s” twentieth anniversary this year where bartenders will be serving White Russians. Another one would be possibly having a New Year’s Eve event where customers would come and watch “Die Hard,” whom Hardman says is, “another greatest Christmas movie of all time.”


The place will also be available to rent for business meetings, weddings, birthday parties, and/or special events similar to Twentieth Century and Redmoor.


Even though Hive Properties wants to renovate the Theatre, they have love for the people of Bellevue and want to preserve the historical building.


“The whole reason for wanting to renovate this building is to connect the old and new and try to take people on that journey you know back to, what I would consider, a simpler time,” says Hardman.


Funding for the Marianne Theatre event venue comes from a variety such as bank loans, historical tax credits, and owner equity.


The reopening of the theatre is not set in stone yet and construction will begin very soon.


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