Mubea set to graduate first apprentices, ensuring quality workforce

A group of nine students were recognized as the first Northern Kentucky graduates of Mubea North America’s apprenticeship program Dec. 17 in a ceremony at Triple Crown Country Club in Union.

The Mubea apprenticeship program is patterned after the model used by the German-based automobile parts manufacturer in its home country. That program, which has been in existence for nearly a century, is recognized as the gold standard within the industry.

Mubea has invested more than $2 million in the apprenticeship program.
Luigi Tiddia, General Manager of Mubea’s Hose Clamps division, said the program provides a great opportunity for students and helps the company develop a quality workforce in the region.

“We did not see the market having the kind of expertise that we are looking for,” Tiddia said. “The outline is our ‘driven by the best’ environment, which is a strategy to develop the students in the way that we need them to be.”

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