NKU's College of Informatics does things a little bit differently

Northern Kentucky University is in the midst of a transformation, improving the look and feel of the physical campus and implementing infrastructural changes that are the first of their kind in the nation. Arguably the most noteworthy is the university’s revolutionary College of Informatics, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.
The college was introduced as a means of aggregating NKU’s information-related resources — from journalism to cyber-security, health informatics, data science and others — in an effort to tackle modern information-technology challenges. 
“Informatics is an umbrella for all these fields,” Informatics Dean Kevin Kirby says. “Communication is a huge part of that. Because of the profound and sometimes threatening impact digital innovations have on our lives, it’s important not to just train narrow tech experts but to produce true renaissance people who are savvy and insightful. The demand for such graduates is exceptionally strong.”
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